DEMO REEL 2018 -- a selection of music for film and TV by Michael Peter Olsen.

Edited by Erin Gulas


Directed By Sherren Lee

Written by Courtney Alexander

Illustrations by David Kleiser

Director of Photography Ian Macmillan

Edited by Simone Smith

Digital Compositing by Jake Roels

Additional Compositing by Stephan Curran

Produced by Lauren Corber and Sasha Fisher

(Full credits at end of film)

Based on a series written by Seth Coopeman. Starring Hanna Ander and Anthony Lemke. Directed by Paolo Bartzman

Based on a tv series written by Amanda Smith-Kolic. Starring Kimberly Leferriere and Murray Furrow. Directed by Sherren Lee

RIVER : Written by and Starring Kevin Jake Walker. Also Starring Leigh Bush. Directed by Samuel Kiehoon Lee

Fast Car (Teaser) - CFC "In Development" Exercise 2014 Starring: Andy McQueen & Cara Ricketts Directed by Reza Dahya Written by Chris Cromie Director of Photography: Bob Gundu Edited by Rich Williamson Produced by Josh Ary, Sebastian Barriuso & Anya McKenzie, Music by Michael Olsen For more information on this upcoming production visit

Showcase for Actor ERIN CARTER, who Acted co-wrote and even sang on the end credit song.  Starring Erin Carter and Greg Calderone. Directed by Pat Mills.